Gametime Inc. provides a variety of services to the island community including the Huddle, Grief Talks ( support groups in the community & schools), One-day Sports Camps, as well as Grief Recovery Method services. Since the tween and teen years are such a pivotal time, our target audience for the Huddle are middle and high schoolers. We do see a need to plant the seeds of suicide awareness in the elementary since the youngest person recorded to take their life on Guam was only 10 years old.

Guam leads our nation in suicide 1 person every 10 days dies to suicide on our island. 

Our hope is that through our efforts and prayer, we'll be able to bring these numbers down.

We strongly believe God created each person for a purpose. Pain is temporary & there is HOPE!

The HUDDLE: A place for truth

We started a program ( a bible study club) at a local Middle School called the HUDDLE in 2016. We incorporated sports for the first half of the class followed by teachings lead by our some of our young adult leaders. We used the curriculum called WISE UP which took biblical principals to teach the kids character building concepts. We also included suicide awareness & prevention concepts as well. Our young leaders are all SAFE TALK trained for suicide. Our adult leaders are Asist Trained as well. The children really look forward to Gametime coming each year that there is a waiting list to join our program. Our hope is in the near future we can have THE HUDDLE at all middle schools throughout the island. The Huddle - the place for truth, teaching strategies for kids to WIN IN LIFE

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GRIEF TALKS; Support Groups
In lieu of The survivors of suicide support group & the widow women support group, we do GREIF TALKS in the community. Our main goal is to give grief a voice & educate the community that Grief is not just death & divorce.  According to the Grief Recovery institute there are 43 Loss events that a person will experience in their lifetime. These losses can cause a person a DEEP EMOTIONAL PAIN which can lead to suicide.  We meet every once a month in the community (port of mocha, mayor's offices, banks etc) so please follow us on social media to find out the details of our next meeting. ITs an open group, so anyone is welcome to attend.

You are not alone in your journey to healing. We have trained 16 new certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist in Guam & CNMI who are ready to serve. 

One Day Sports Camps
Our one day sports camp is a condense version of the HUDDLE. We host one day sports camps at elementary schools well as Community Centers on island. The youngest person recorded to take their life on Guam was only 10 years old. 
While we know this is a very sensitive subject for parents we want to come along side them and help support & bring awareness to this issue.
We tell the kids the bible story of a man named Joseph who went through many hardships but in the end helped saved his family.
We use it to teach the kids SELF HELPS SEEKING BEHAVIORS. WE encourage them to ask for help if they are thinking of hurting themselves (cutting, suicide etc.) As a result in one of our schools we were at 16 elementary kids came forward that were cutting themselves. Glory to God those are 16 kids we potentially saved from suicide. 
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Grief Recovery Method SErvices

Our Program Director, Bernice Arceo McGill is a certified Grief Recovery Specialist. She teaches an action base method that helps people deal with their deep emotional pain. There are group & one on one sessions available. The programs offered are;

the grief recovery method, helping children with loss, pet loss & moving on. Please email Bernice at for more information about the programs. Gametime also sponsored the training for new 16 GRM specialist on Guam & CNMI. We have a network of GRM specialist available to help in the community. 

Bernice is also an Asist (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) Trainer. 

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faith based children's books

Our Program Director, Bernice Arceo McGill is a new self published children's book author. She also created writing journals to help encourage everyone.  Her books are available on, search Bernice Arceo McGill.

These stories are faith based, easy to read for parents and children of all ages. They are based on her revelations and experiences while homeschooling her children. Her goal is to let everyone know that God loves them and will never leave them or forsake them.